Alf Protocol is moving a step closer towards DeFi 3.0. Alf Protocol platform’s launch will offer a bug-free, and frictionless. …Read More…

Alf Protocol is moving a step closer towards DeFi 3.0.
Alf Protocol platform’s launch will offer a bug-free, and frictionless.
It will also provide an efficient protocol with a user-friendly interface.

Web 3.0 is the start of a decentralized internet, referred to as the “future of the internet” that will transform the world. This implies that blockchain-based social networks, transactions, and businesses will grow and as well thrive in the coming years.

As a result, Alf Protocol’s development team is working hard to ensure that its platform’s launch provides clients with a bug-free, frictionless, and efficient protocol with a user-friendly interface. Due to that, the user interface has changed dramatically.

Alf protocol has released the first glimpse of its user interface since its goal is for its user to be able to navigate the platform with ease and take advantage of all of its features.  Although the design isn’t complete, the preview provides a comprehensive insight into the team’s plans.

The user interface’s look may change somewhat in the final version, but its functionality will remain the same.

The Dashboard

The Alf Protocol dashboard will give you a quick overview of the market’s performance. Users will be able to monitor the total value locked, total supply and demand, top-performing pairs, and other information to stay on top of market trends.

The Farming Panel

The farming panel will give users access to leveraged and non-leveraged farming alternatives, providing an easy way for farming options on the given pair with detailed balance information and expected APY.

The panel will also provide all the necessary information to assist investors in making critical judgments before investing their money.

Users of the Alf protocol will have access to high leverage farming choices from the same panel, with leverage up to 200x only possible because of the protocol’s usage of Solana’s lightning-fast blockchain, which will ensure the safe monitoring and liquidation of unhealthy positions.

The Alf Protocol team is currently working hard to continue improving the protocol, with more platform previews expected soon.

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