Aladdin Exchange is building an avant-garde platform for the next generation of users. The trading platform is geared towards revolutionizing …Read More…

Aladdin Exchange is building an avant-garde platform for the next generation of users. The trading platform is geared towards revolutionizing the cryptocurrency space with its world-class services and continual upgrade to ensure it meets the needs of its users.

The rapid growth in popularity and adoption of cryptocurrency has given rise to many real questions, one of which is, if one does invest in digital assets what will happen on death — who will have access to the virtual wallet and how can it be accessed? Can it be inherited? 

Aladdin Exchange has come up with a practical solution to ensure the management, control, and succession of cryptocurrencies in this new dispensation following the high rate of digital asset loss after one’s demise.

To avoid relatives losing access to the online wallet of a deceased due to lacking the ‘private key’, i.e., the identifying information needed for access to the assets, Aladdin Exchange implemented the very first of its kind inheritance feature in the first week of 2022.

Users can add beneficiaries to inherit or take their crypto assets when they are no longer available. To Access Inheritance functions, all interested users are ‘to log in to Aladdin Exchange’, then go to ‘My Page’, and the next is to Click ‘Designate Beneficiaries’.

The perk of it all is that a user is allowed to add up to 3 people including their Name, Phone number, and their Email. This implies that crypto assets on the Aladdin Exchange can be owned, traded, gifted, and also inherited.

All in all, Aladdin Exchange is going above and beyond to guarantee valuable crypto assets are not lost after death or due to the incapacitation of an asset owner. It is therefore important to take precautionary measures to avoid being a victim of the increasing inaccessibility of assets at a time it may be needed the most.

Best of all, to mitigate risk, token holders should take actionable steps to make sure their crypto assets are inherited by their intended beneficiaries. This will further go a long way to ensure greater certainty in matters of a bequest.

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