Best Ways to Lose Belly Fat in 2 Weeks

Plenty of people in the world who are struggling with the same problem. Do you know belly fat is a very harmful fat? It is linked with diseases like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

Losing belly fat can be a higher impact on your health and body. If you dream about a flat stomach, let’s dive into the article.

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Types of Belly Fat

  1. Stress Belly (Central Belly-Cortisol)
  2. Mummy Belly (Post-pregnancy)
  3. Hormonal Belly (PCOS, PCOD)
  4. Bloated Belly (Indigestion)
  5. Muffin Top Belly (Stubborn Fat)
  6. Alcohol Belly (Beer Belly)
  7. Thyroid Belly (T3-T4)
  8. Lowe Belly (Lifestyle)

Combined Belly/ Mixed Belly

  • Stress Belly + Hormonal Imbalance + Bloating
  • Thyroid + Lowe Belly + Mommy Belly
  • Stress + Bloating + Muffin Top

These are the types of belly fats are in our body due to various reasons. To lose belly fat in 2 weeks we have to make changes in our lifestyle. Only eating good foods or doing exercises can’t help to lose belly fat. You need to take care of various other things in your daily lifestyle that we will discuss in this article.

Before proceeding further you need to ask one question i.e.

Is it possible to lose only belly fat? 

The answer is a BIG NO. This is because our bodily fats are like onions. We can’t lose in a specified area like the belly. We have to work for whole-body fat. In this way, we can reduce body fat as well as belly fat.

So, are you ready? 

I think yes.  For that, you need to follow 4R rules strictly 

  • The RIGHT diet
  • at RIGHT time
  • In RIGHT portion
  • following  the RIGHT way

All these are essential in our journey. We will follow intermittent fasting or 16-hour fasting. This is very effective, simple, and easy to follow. 

After following this diet for a few days you can see your results. It will

  • Boost your mental health
  • Increase your productivity
  • Not think about food all the time
  • make your skin glow
  • Normal your weight
  • Vanish your health problems

Intermittent fasting or 16-hour fasting

This is not a new diet that became popular now. The name may be new but the rules are the same. Our grandparents follow this diet for years.

Before sunrise and after sunset we are not allowed to eat, these things have been following our ancestors for years and are mentioned in scriptures.

Rules to follow during 16-hour fasting

Every day, you avoid eating anything between dinner and breakfast for 16 hours. You can adjust your schedule at your convenience. During the fasting hours, you can have vegetable juice, coconut water, or normal water

Eg: If you eat your dinner at 6 pm then you will break your fast at 10 am. 

  • Two hours before breaking fast take any vegetable juice like ash gourd, bottle gourd, coconut water. Don’t take fruits, milk, smoothie, soup in between the 16 hor.
  • Have your dinner before 6 pm because there is deep relation between our digestive fire and the sun. When the sun is at its peak, our digestive fire is at its peak too. As the sun sets, our digestive goes down.
  • In this 8 hours eating window, you should eat Satvic Foods. Satvic foods are those foods that follow these 4 principles LWPW, which means Living Wholesome Plant-based, and water-rich.

Just do it for 2 weeks you will start seeing results in your belly fat and overall body fat. You can easily adapt this diet to your lifestyle if you have any diseases that mean your body is filled with toxins. It will help you to remove toxins from your body. It is beneficial to reverse any kind of disease.

If you are taking any medicines then ask your doctor how you can adjust medicines within 16 hours fast? If you are following this diet then slowly you won’t even need medicines anymore.

Some good practices to follow in the diet plan

1. Good Eating Practices

  • Sit down and Eat
  • Eat slowly
  • Take small bites
  • Chew foods properly
  • Choose your food wisely
  • Eat without Distraction (TV, Mobile)
  • Use all your senses while eating

2. Right Diet

Eat foods that have soluble fiber, healthy fats, quality protein, probiotics. Add coconut oil, fermented foods, seeds to your diet. Also, add fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Correct your Posture

Yes, your posture is can also be a reason for belly fat. Many people think they are eating right, doing exercises. But, they are not getting results.

Your standing posture, sleeping posture, sitting posture are also important to lose belly fat. You have to correct your posture to lose belly fat.

You have to keep your keep tight while exercise. You are required to keep the right posture while exercising.

4. Exercises for belly fat  

Do strength training, resistance training, yoga stretches, and also include cardio. Remember to keep your core tight for better results and posture.

5. Avoid Refined sugar and salt

Everyone knows salt contains sodium which retains water and it will lead to fat, reduce the quantity of salt from your diet. Always use rock salt.

Completely avoid refined sugar because when it mixes with refined oil and refined wheat flour it makes a deadly combination for our stomach. This is very heavy to digest and the GI of refined sugar is high it creates a craving. Refined food stimulates craving.

6. Detox (Physical, mental, social, emotional)

  • For physical Detox – take detox drinks, exercise, oil pulling, natural diet
  • Mental Detox- Keep away from gadgets whenever possible, and do meditation and yoga
  • Social Detox- Stay away from social media, and unnecessary news
  • Emotional Detox: Say no to toxic relationships. Spend time with your family and friends.

7. Reduce stress and improve sleep

Stress hormone (Cortisol) is the current cause of weight gain in majority of people, it causes obesity. This is really really important to stay stress-free. 

Try to be positive, increase your productivity, practice yoga and breathing exercises, it will help you to stay stress-free. 

Give enough amount of sleep to your body. Quality sleep also reduces stress.

Follow this diet plan to lose belly fat in 2 weeks. I will guarantee you that it will help to reduce belly fat as well as overall body fat. You can feel the result within the 2 weeks.

It’s completely okay if you are taking time to adopt these changes into your lifestyle. Don’t stop keep trying it will take one more week for the results.

Tell us in the comment section after 14 days how you feel now. What are the changes you feel in your body?

Some Popular Diets:

  1. Ketogenic Diet
  2. The Paleo Diet
  3. Vegan Diet
  4. Liquid Diet
  5. Mediterranean Diet

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