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Crypto trading is lucrative to many. If you are reading this, chances are you have indulged in crypto trading too.

While it is profitable, it can be highly pernicious to your financial health if not done properly.

By properly, I mean doing it with the right mindset with the right set of tools such as market watcher, portfolio manager, portfolio balancer, reliable wallets, charts, crypto news aggregator, and finally reliable exchanges where you can actually trade.

Here is the list of cryptocurrency trading tools listed below:

  1. Binance (The best exchange for trading, read Binance review)
  2. 3Commas (Single terminal for smart trading, Read 3commas review)
  3. Koinly (Crypto Portfolio tool)
  4. Stacked (High-quality algorithm trading bots, Read Stacked review)
  5. Altrady
  6. Shrimpy (Read Shrimpy review)
  7. Ledger Nano X (Most secure crypto hardware wallet)
  8. Bitfinex
  9. TradeSanta
  10. CoinMarketCap
  11. CoinGecko
  12. CoinMarketCal
  13. CryptoPanic
  14. Bonus

That is why, to make the crypto world a safer, more profitable space for all our readers, we have compiled a list of 13 highly recommended crypto trading tools.