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The quick rise of NFTs has brought a sheer gigantic increment in both intrigue and openings. NFTs come in different shapes and sizes and the most common appearance of this burgeoning innovation is a venture through which financial specialists can stake their claims and procure incalculable rewards. The up-and-coming Geisha Tea House NFT is among the highly anticipated ventures of this year, paying tribute to a long-standing Japanese tradition of business and entertainment.

A bit of background

Established by Regal Star, Akil Wade, Lukas Novotny, and Dominic Garms The Geisha Tea House NFT is an extension inside the blockchain that carefully reproduces the sophistication of geisha – Japanese female performers famed for their extraordinary entertaining and social skills as well as their beauty. Contrary to popular belief, geisha are not courtesans or prostitutes but highly trained professional performing artists. They entertain well-off gentlemen who come together in designated establishments (tea houses) for business and leisure. During these occasions, geisha also prove to be treasures of information as they are patronized by the wealthiest businessmen and most powerful lawmakers in Japan.

The Geisha Tea House concept

The Geisha Tea House brings a meta version of more than 400 years of geisha culture to the NFT community. Through their one of a kind craftsmanship pieces, the venture brings beautiful artistry that comes to life in an old story that started somewhere in the not so far future.

In 2050, to be precise, the Geisha Tea House is looking back at the horrific events of 2049 that destroyed the world population. Only one Geisha and her four apprentices survived in the well-hidden and fortified Akirelu Okiya – the house where geisha are educated and prepared for their mission. Being extremely fertile, this small population rapidly grew to a thriving community of 10,000 geisha. Each one with unique features and characters, they are an asset of extreme value in the Geisha Tea House.

How is Geisha Tea House making a difference?

The Geisha Tea House NFT brings a unique edge to the NFT space by being at the core of networking as well as doing and building business, by giving its holders (patrons) access to Geisha Tea House Monthly Events. Here, leading figures in society are invited for a fireside chat – not just another speaking event. By giving Geisha Tea House NFT holders access to communicate and engage with the guests, GTH bridges the gap between starters and a host of established entrepreneurs, artists, politicians, athletes and other visionaries.

Another insightful Geisha Tea House initiative is their Launchpad and Idea Incubator for its holders. Here, business ideas will be nourished and prepared to launch in the market. The project aims to start its events in Virtual Reality by the second quarter of 2022.

The future is bright.

With a promising Roadmap Geisha Tea House NFT is expected to make a huge impact on the NFT space. The Geisha Tea House NFT gains value on its artistic properties, its community and its utility features. The feedback the Geisha Tea House has received so far from its community varies from appraisals on its excellent art to claims that it be the most transparent NFT community in the space. The sophisticated utility of the project has got many at the edge of their seats. We believe The Geisha Tea House is the place to be seen and we expect a startling take off for this refined and beautifully crafted fresh NFT.

How To Buy The Geisha Tea House NFTs

The process of buying the Geisha Tea House NFTs is simple, direct, and straightforward. All you need to do is to follow these steps:

Install a MetaMask wallet extension in your Chrome browser.Visit www.geishateahouse.comConnect your Ethereum wallet to the MetaMask wallet.Fund your wallet to take care of the cost of minting and gas or transaction fees.Confirm and approve the transaction on MetaMask, and you’re good to go.

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