Keto Diet: Benefits, Risks, and Bad Effect

What is a Ketogenic Diet?:  “Ketogenic” is the name of a low-carb diet (like the Atkins diet). The idea is to get more calories from protein and fat and fewer carbohydrates. It is best for carbs that are easy to digest, such as sugar, soda, cakes, and white bread.

In simple words, it can be said that a keto diet or ketogenic diet means a simple diet in which energy comes from protein present in the food, not from the carbohydrate. In this method of diet, a person eats low carbohydrate foods.

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Benefits of Keto Diet | Keto Diet Benefits

1. Helps in Weight Loss

The Ketogenic Diet helps to promote weight loss. It helps to fill a person up with good protein reduces the chances of hunger again and again and this causes less eating of more calories which automatically helps to reduce the weight. In Ketogenic Diet, a person eats only the protein-rich food and fewer carbohydrate foods which means that the person gets the energy for the body and body do not store the calories in the form of carbohydrate or fat. 

2. Improves Acne

Ketogenic Diets help to reduce acne as if you eat fewer and refined carbohydrates which helps to balance the but bacteria and this helps to improve skin health. Due to this acne problems are solved easily. 

3. Improve Heart Health

When a person follows Ketogenic Diet, he/she will eat only the healthy food that is a good source of protein and by following this rule they eat only healthy food. And this reduces the cholesterol in the body and indirectly improves heart health.

4. Protect Brain Functioning

When a person is on Ketogenic Diet, a ketone is released in the body which helps in neuroprotective benefits. And this helps in the proper functioning of the brain and protects the brain cells. 

The ratio of fat, protein, and carbs in a keto eating regimen alters the manner the frame makes use of energy, ensuing in ketosis. Ketosis is a metabolic method for the duration of which the frame makes use of ketone our bodies for fuel.The Epilepsy Foundation advocates that ketosis can lessen seizures in human beings with epilepsy — specially the ones who’ve now no longer spoke back to different remedy methods. More studies is essential on how powerful this is, aleven though it appears to have the maximum impact on kids who’ve focal seizures.

Risks Of Ketogenic Diet | Bad Effects Of Ketogenic Diet

The Ketogenic diet has several health benefits but staying on Ketogenic Diet for the long term may have bad effects on health. It increases the risk of the following diseases- 

  • Kidney Stone
  • excess protein in the blood
  • lack of vitamins and minerals in the body

The Keto Diet may cause adverse effects which many people call the Keto flu. This adverse effect includes-

  • headaches
  • fatigue
  • constipation
  • low blood sugar
  • a low tolerance fr exercise

These symptoms are common when you start the Keto diet as the body takes some time to adjust as per the keto diet.
Some people should avoid a ketogenic diet including-

  • People with diabetes
  • People who have an eating disorder
  • People with kidney diseases
  • Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding

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