SkyLaunch joins the Polygon Ecosystem. This collaboration aims to create next-gen multi-chain launchpads. SkyLaunch raised a capital of more than …Read More…

SkyLaunch joins the Polygon Ecosystem.
This collaboration aims to create next-gen multi-chain launchpads.
SkyLaunch raised a capital of more than $1.4M in October 2021.

The SkyLaunch team reveals that they’ll be working with Polygon in order to develop next-gen multi-chain launchpads. As part of this collaboration, the SkyLaunch team has received a grant from Polygon, which should help the project strategize and better position itself within the fast-evolving Polygon ecosystem.

SkyLaunch also noted that the Polygon platform has become widely adopted because of their affordable fees, fast transaction speeds, and innovative technology. SkyLaunch added that they’d like to serve as a launchpad for this fast-growing blockchain ecosystem. This should help them with gaining exposure to high-potential, Polygon-enabled crypto projects.

Notably, Polygon is the first major platform for effective Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development. The platform is well-structured, user-friendly, and supported by the Polygon SDK. It’s supplemented by a robust framework for developing a wide range of decentralized applications (dApps).

As noted in the update, SkyLaunch is considered a “first” in the IDO marketplace. It’s reportedly the only platform in this industry segment to provide full project timeline support, along with a set of proprietary tools. The developers explained that they support new initiatives with an accelerator program of pre-IDO services. They’ve also established an independent governance council and a post-IDO alliance support network to support new blockchain initiatives.

The SkyLaunch team will be announcing more updates on their own IDO, which would enable them to issue and distribute their project’s native token; $SKYFI. The team further explained that the token will be used for supporting governance capabilities, staking offers, providing liquidity rewards, and allocation mining. The tokens may also be used for availing special discounts on the project’s “premium” features.

It’s worth noting that the SkyLaunch ecosystem has seen some major developments during the past few months, with key tools being developed and strategic partnerships.

SkyLaunch has already completed a capital raise of more than $1.4 million in October 2021. The project has reportedly received investments from prominent VCs such as Synergia Capital, Marshland, AU21 Capital, 18 Ventures, Magnus Capital, Waterdrip Capital, GSR, ZBS Capital, X21 and Nabais Capital.

SkyLaunch has also worked with Lossless, a security and hack-mitigation protocol, and Liberty Gaming Guild, a next-gen gaming guild offering engaging play-to-earn opportunities. According to the SkyLaunch team, these partnerships put them in a good position for accessing the innovative early stage Metaverse and gaming platforms looking for the tools and services provided by SkyLaunch.

The team further revealed that they’ve partnered with 7 O’Clock Capital, a crypto-asset venture fund focused on the DeFi space. Through financing and offering a launchpad for early stage DeFi initiatives, 7 O’Clock Capital enhances the implementation of DeFi protocols in the real world. SkyLaunch has also collaborated with FishDAO, a new community pool investment project, which aims to create opportunities for smaller investors.


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