Koi Labs has recently just announced the successful completion of its fundraising round with support from strategic partners and investors, …Read More…

Koi Labs has recently just announced the successful completion of its fundraising round with support from strategic partners and investors, as well as leading game guilds from different parts of the globe.

According to the official announcement, Koi Labs closed its Series A round of $2.7 million funding with a valuation of Koi Metaverse A fundraising round at $45 million. Previously it closed a Pre-Series A round of $2.6 million. Leading venture capital firms including AU21 Capital, Titans Ventures, ZBS Capital, X21 Digital, Maven Capital, Encrypt Club, Kyros Ventures, Exnet Capital and others extended the full-fledged support to Koi Lab’s vision. 

Thrilled to announce Koi Labs has closed its $5.3 million fundraising.

$2.6 million Pre A Round + $2.7 million A Round

The valuation of Koi Metaverse Series A funding round is at $45 million.

More detailshttps://t.co/6p6KwayWbO pic.twitter.com/wOLJ27qAIn

— Koi Metaverse (@KoiMetaverse) November 22, 2021

The fundraising will be instrumental in promoting and innovating the idea that seeks to combine token economy and in-game NFT assets to build a unique metaverse and bolster exponential growth. The fresh influx of capital will also support recruiting multiple crypto mastery to power Koi Metaverse’s development and marketing initiative to position itself as a premier project in the crypto landscape. 

With such funding at its disposal, the company is prepped to accelerate Koi’s ecosystem and its game development as it synergizes with reputable partners. In the near future, Koi Metaverse will initiate novel and revolutionary creations in the virtual world. 

Unlocking The Next-Gen Gamefi Metaverse Economies

Koi Metaverse believes in the promising future of the metaverse. As authentic believers and lovers of virtual worlds, the project is keen on building its ecosystem to unlock the Next-Gen metaverse economies.

Certainly,  we are the true Metaverse believers and builders who have strong motivation to unlock the Next-Gen GameFi Metaverse economics. In the metaverse powered by blockchain, we have seen core disruptive innovations.

Metaverses have existed for decades in the form of multiplayer online games. However, the metaverse economy is transforming into an interesting virtual space. The world is pivoting to an age of immersive experiences where one can hardly distinguish from the real world. It will foster new levels of interaction for both gamers and non-gamers from all over the world.

The intersection of DeFi, GameFi and the metaverse has piqued the interest of several crypto communities and silicon valley venture capitalists in the sphere. As these sectors grow at unprecedented rates, more companies are joining the fast-moving bandwagon.

With blockchain technology, Koi metaverse seeks to reimagine a world in which contracts are embedded in digital code and stored in transparent, shared databases so that everyone could have real ownership of digital properties they purchase in the virtual space.

Along with Koi metaverse, Koi Labs is examining the next generation of gaming economy and the metaverse economy by building a digital collectables platform for GameFi and NFTs on multiple blockchains. Koi Labs will be the next-gen infrastructure for issuing, trading, and liquifying GameFi NFTs from multiple chains like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain among a list of others. Koi is launching Koi Genesis, a limited NFT collection of 5,000 Koi NFTs of Koi Metaverse. Leveraging the uniqueness of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Koi Metaverse will modify the rules of online games for a more engaging experience. 

Users who own a Koi NFT are entitled to a plethora of benefits including a 20% discount to join phase 2 of the NFT Genesis launch at a lesser price. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to become the seed players of Koi Metaverse and participate in play-to-earn games for lucrative returns. Koi metaverse also intends to launch exciting gaming modules in 2022 with different storylines and characters. 


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