Team Vitality, a global esports organization has partnered with Tezos. Tezos commits to supporting the growing blockchain and gaming ecosystem …Read More…

Team Vitality, a global esports organization has partnered with Tezos.
Tezos commits to supporting the growing blockchain and gaming ecosystem of Esports.

The crypto world continues to be recognized by countries and organizations around the world. This time, Team Vitality, a global esports organization, partnered with Tezos, the world’s most advanced blockchain. Through this collaboration, it is expected that Team Vitality can bring a whole new level of experience to all its fans globally.

The ground-breaking partnership also aims to engage the Esports and gaming communities with blockchain and promote the sustainable development and use of the technologies. Nicolas Maurer, CEO, Team Vitality said,

This is truly a game changing partnership for Vitality, which feels appropriate given 2022 is set to be the biggest year in our history. The opportunities Tezos can bring to strengthen the relationship between us and our fans is incredibly exciting, and we’re immensely proud to have Tezos join us on this journey.

In terms of technology, Tezos blockchain will enable the organization’s community to perform world-first ways to engage with the Team Vitality star players. In addition, the Team Vitality rosters and star athletes that have unrivaled brand visibility across the esports ecosystem will represent Tezos in the industry. 

Furthermore, the partnership also aims to educate fans about the benefits of blockchain as part of the gaming experience and showcase its advanced technologies. Gaming and Esports fans are some of the most technologically savvy and engaged communities and through the use of the Tezos blockchain, Team Vitality will showcase the immense benefits of the blockchain technology and the importance of using and developing it responsibly to create an engaging and fan-centric experience.  Mason Edwards, Chief of Staff, Tezos Foundation explained,

This is a significant step forward for Europe’s leading esports team as the blockchain and gaming industries continue to build a fan and player-centric future for esports. The decision from Team Vitality to choose the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain as a technical partner is another signal to the established and growing gaming vertical that low gas fees, forkless upgradability, and ease-of-use are the key factors driving the next wave of adoption for blockchain technologies. I’m thrilled to see Team Vitality join the Tezos community.

Meanwhile, Tezos remains to be the world’s most advanced and energy-efficient blockchain. This technical partnership is one of the first moves into the growing esports industry for the Tezos ecosystem. Hence, Tezos is committed to supporting Esports growing blockchain and gaming ecosystem. The association with Team Vitality reflects the attractiveness and ability of Europe’s leading esports club to support the Tezos ecosystem in this effort.

On the other hand, spanning 2022, 2023, and 2024, this partnership, one of the biggest in European esports history, will bring Team Vitality closer to its fans than ever before, giving the community unprecedented access to their favorite teams and rewarding them for their support.


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