It is relatively hard to find a channel or a group with active users. Most of the created channels soon …Read More…

It is relatively hard to find a channel or a group with active users. Most of the created channels soon become irrelevant – admins just close them because there have not enough subscribers. To attract as many members as it is possible a creator has to post high-quality and relevant content. If we are talking about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency channels, it has to contain giveaways and airdrops to keep the audience interested and involved in the comment section.

So how do find such groups that will post good and interesting content? We would like to present 7 variants of groups that have a large number of subscribers. Consider subscribing to these channels:

ICOSpeaks News (@icospeaksnews). This is the main channel of the company. It serves as a news provider. Also, any member will be able to track information about presales and prices of relevant and new tokens. The channel is constantly evolving and that is the main reason why the number of subscribers grows.IEOPools (@ieopools). This channel is another news provider. If you want to get as much information as it is possible, it is better to subscribe to this group as well. You can also find here posts about promotions and IEO Listing. Subscribe and follow the latest news – it is free!BTC Champ (@btcchamp). This group has been created for BTC token holders that want to exchange bitcoin without commission. You can have from 100 to 10000 USD. Apart from this function the channel can also serve as a news provider. So it is worth subscribing anyway if you want to keep in touch.ICO Speaks RU (@icospeaksru). This group has been created for the Russian community. If you don’t want to use a translator and you can’t read in English, this channel is the place you have been dreaming of. Most of the posts are translated and they are posted almost right after the English variant. And you will be able to see how much Russian speaking members this group has.ICOSpeaks (@icospeaks). This group is presented in a form of a chat. If you want to find investors or you are interested in a particular topic, just ask a question. Any member can write in this channel and have all the answers. This is the main advantage of the ICOSpeaks group. Be careful, because you will be communicating with random people.

It is worth mentioning that subscribing to this channel is free. Turn on the notifications if you want to be updated and receive fresh news. One of the main functions of presented groups and channel is the fact that admins provide promotion services. If your blockchain project is legal or if you want to start a presale, contact the admins and they will tell at what price they are ready to work.

What is ICOSpeaks?

This is basically a social media site that has been created by a group of enthusiasts. Today this community is comprised of more than 600k users and 1000 investors that are constantly looking for an opportunity to boost a newly created company. That is why ICOSpeaks company decided to start providing promotion services for any users that have a decent and potentially profitable offer.

By now that company has successfully helped to launch more than 100 startups. This is an investment community that serves as a connecting link between investors and promising blockchain projects. You can also become a private investor and all you have to do is to contact the admin. You can join the community for free on the site or in Telegram messenger. Subscribe and promote! To get more Information about telegram advertising, visit.


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