TNC, an IT solutions group uniting the cryptocurrency world, announces its lucrative partnership with Sigma Chain. According to the TNC …Read More…

TNC, an IT solutions group uniting the cryptocurrency world, announces its lucrative partnership with Sigma Chain. According to the TNC team, the partnership will further revolutionize the cryptocurrency space, thereby, bringing to the public the high efficiency of the Sigma Chain mainnet which has already been tested and trusted by TNC.

Holding on its promise to improve and increase the applications of blockchain and cryptocurrencies for all, TNC leveraged Sigma Chain’s original mainnet technology to provide blockchain solutions for both big and small companies globally who are adopting blockchain technology.

With the advent of Metaverse NFTs, the foresighted innovators will dive into this phase of futuristic development and will further start Blockchain technology consulting business for willing corporations. These latest advancements will launch TNC and Sigma Chain into the new wave of digital arts and virtual reality.

TNC offers blockchain development and security services round the clock to firms from all corners of the world with its over 500+ blockchain developers working all over the world. As a blockchain company invested in integrating blockchain technology, finding global standard developers, and so on, this alliance with Sigma Chain will further accelerate their vision for the cryptocurrency space.

To highlight some of the distinctive features of the transparent, secure, fast, and accurate blockchain solution, Sigma Chain’s public mainnet performs its own consensus algorithm Dual Delegated Proof of Stake (DDPoS), based on 21 nodes with over 20,000 active users.

Not only that, with the goal to deliver on the pledge of decentralization, Sigma Chain has a certificate proving its speed and is the only blockchain project that successfully completed a 1 million user simultaneously participating survey through Real Research. It handles more than 300,000 TPS, making it the world’s fastest in terms of transaction per second compared to Bitcoins’ 7TPS and Ethereum’s 15TPS.

Moreover, TNC can attest to the instantaneous performance of the mainnet with its experience using it for over a year. Due to the high performance of the Sigma Chain mainnet, TNC further carried out a trial with its Real Research app. On that note, TNC distributed its coins as a reward to more than 2 million users.

Besides TNC, more than 200 other firms are building applications on the Sigma Chain mainnet. Little wonder SigmaChain is attracting attention as the next-generation blockchain platform company that will replace Ethereum by supplying the mainnet to many domestic and foreign companies.

TNC and Sigma Chain are pioneering the new era in blockchain by building real-world solutions, scalable systems designed to meet end-user needs, and a solid foundation for scalable decentralized technology.


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