Christmas has been marked by the tradition of gifting. With today’s booming DeFi Industry, crypto-related gifts are in. NFTs, Crypto …Read More…

Christmas has been marked by the tradition of gifting.
With today’s booming DeFi Industry, crypto-related gifts are in.
NFTs, Crypto Gift Cards, Hardware Wallet, Crypto Merch, and Crypto-Booked Holiday are examples of gifts.

The Christmas tradition has long been marked by giving and receiving gifts from our loved ones. Well, it is that season again, a good time to appreciate our friends and family with special gifts. As you think about what to give to your loved ones, perhaps it would be worth a shot to be adventurous given the fast-paced nature of today’s world.

What better than a crypto-related gift? This emerging ecosystem has outperformed most of the existing traditional markets this year. One Bitcoin is currently trading at $49,000, an increase of 115% within the past 12 months. Even better, the market has grown into several niches that feature perfect packages for Christmas gifts.

The next section of this article covers some of the special crypto-related gifts that you can give this festive season. Notably, the featured gifts are a perfect match for both crypto natives and anyone else with an interest in the industry. That said, let’s delve deeper to find out some of the crypto-related gifts that one can share this Christmas period.

1. NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) were some of the most popular crypto assets in 2021, setting the stage for innovations in the virtual world realm. In fact, NFT has been coined as the word of the year by Collins dictionary. So, what’s the play? These digital assets are a perfect Christmas gift for the ‘cool kids’ who love concepts that involve Virtual Reality (VR) and emerging tech such as blockchain.

Practically, you can buy an NFT from marketplaces like Drops and send them to your loved one through a digital wallet address. In addition, the NFT gift can generate a passive income by leveraging the Drops lending and borrowing facilities to provide and access loans. If you have a loved one who’s interested in cool technologies, NFTs are the go-to crypto asset, not to mention that NFT platforms like Drops also offer staking and yield farming incentives.

2. Crypto Gift Cards

NFTs might be a little sophisticated for most people, but thanks to crypto gift cards, anyone who understands the concept of money can give their loved ones some coins this season. Ideally, crypto gift cards are a way of gifting cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum by sending them to a friend or family.

While several platforms provide a way of sharing crypto gift cards, Binance exchange is one of the notable service providers in this niche. The exchange features a gift card section, allowing users to share crypto in a fast and customizable way. Additionally, one can add a personalized message or theme to suit the festive mood.

3. Hardware Wallet

Whether you’re new or a veteran in crypto, one of the most important things is keeping your coins secure; not your keys, not your crypto. Well, this is where a hardware wallet comes in handy. A hardware wallet is another perfect Christmas gift for your crypto-nerd friend, family or that person you want to introduce to crypto.

As it stands, there are multiple options for a hardware wallet. However, some of the most efficient ones include the Ledger Nano X and Trezor Model T wallets. Both of these hardware wallets enable crypto users to store their digital assets off-chain, given that only the owner has the private key for decryption when they want to access their crypto assets.

4. Crypto Merch

As much as it may be cliché, most people love good merchandise Christmas gifts. For starters, a crypto-labeled Christmas sweater perfectly blends with the festive mood. You can also choose to be extra and get your loved ones other crypto-labelled clothing pieces, including caps, hoodies, jewelry – the list is endless as long as the merchandise drives the message home.

Currently, there are a few e-commerce platforms such as Notjust which is featuring a Merry Cryptmas Cryptocurrency Knitted Christmas Jumper. Other crypto-related merchandise includes Bitcoin cryptocurrency scarfs and unisex socks. Notably, the Notjust crypto merchandise is made from 100% recycled products while 50% of the proceeds are donated to mental health charities.

5. Crypto-Booked Holiday

Besides a physical gift, you can also surprise a loved one with a holiday paid through crypto. On this front, there are multiple travel agencies like Travala which now allow clients to pay for their bookings through a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Essentially, you can facilitate your loved one’s travel without having to convert your crypto assets to fiat.


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