DeFi total locked value amount to over $200 billion. DeFi staking provides over 5-30% interest rates. Top staking token in …Read More…

DeFi total locked value amount to over $200 billion.
DeFi staking provides over 5-30% interest rates.
Top staking token in 2022.

The crypto world continues to develop its technology to provide the best use case and user experience to all its users around the world. Last year, the DeFi space took the crypto world by storm when it surged to almost 1000%, with a total locked value amounting to over $200 billion. One of the great features that made DeFi so iconic is staking, a technology that enables investors to earn crypto rewards by just holding the virtual currency.

Best of all, staking provides more passive returns compared to traditional banks. The DeFi staking normally enables users to earn an average of 5-30% interest rate or sometimes higher. Conversely, banks only give 2-3%, a very low rate. This is one reason why most of the investors around the world are attracted to DeFi staking.

This article will showcase some of the best staking tokens that have the potential to dominate in 2022.

Best Staking Tokens

Terra (LUNA), an open-source stablecoin network that uses blockchain technology, is the first on our list with a $20.05 billion total locked value. Based on industry data, the network achieved this all-time high TVL across its 13 product offerings.

Furthermore, the annual staking reward for LUNA provides a 12.10% huge return on investment, a big percentage that catches the eyes of investors and makes it one of the best cryptos to stake.

Second, JEDSTAR ($JED), one of the freshest crypto assets in the market, is now making noise in the space. The unique approach of JED to some of the existing problems of the space makes it stand out. It has features such as royalty for NFT creators, mining via a mobile app to allow lower-economical populations to earn income, and anti-pump-and-dump mechanisms, to name a few.

JED will also showcase its currency of service— KRED. This will be the first project independent cryptocurrency that will allow game developers a ‘plug-and-play’ solution to transform their game into a true GameFi game, without the overhead of managing their own cryptocurrency themselves. It also provides access to a universal currency.

On the other hand, JEDSTAR enables the staking of their utility token $JED in exchange for $KRED on their STARSTAKING platform. The rewards range from 5x (500%) for 30 days, and up to a staggering 120x (120,000%) per year.

At the time of writing, JEDSTAR trades at a bullish price of $.37. The crypto recorded an ATH of $1.13 in November from its inception price of $0.0001. 

Third, PancakeSwap, a crypto platform that needs no further introduction. The network has a native digital asset — CAKE. This token is used to stake on its very own staking platform — PancakeSwap and let its users earn other cryptos or CAKE itself. The annual returns for the CAKE coin range from 31–42%. Above all, the platform uses the Binance Smart Chain technology that allows all its users to experience lower fees.

Fourth, the Shiba Inu ($SHIB) crypto or the commonly known Doge killer. This token features the ShibaSwap exchange, enabling SHIB holders to stake (bury) and farm (dig) their tokens.

In addition, the exchange allows SHIB holders to stake (bury) their Shiba coins where the staking rewards are the BONE tokens. SHIB is an ERC20 token powered by the Ethereum network.

Last but not least, Solana (SOL), a crypto asset designed to provide high scalability, low fees and fast transaction processing. Because of these qualities, SOL is considered one of the best staking coins in the market. The network has over 640 validators where users can stake their tokens. Also, users that staked their tokens on Solana can expect annual returns ranging from 7–11%. Currently, SOL ranks as one of the top 10 cryptos in CoinGecko. It trades at a decent amount of over $171 per crypto.


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